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Sometimes your readers might find it useful to have a printable version of your articles and posts. This is particularly true for blogs that publish timeless content like tutorials, how-tos and so on.

If you are tech-savvy you probably could solve this problem by creating a special CSS stylesheet and loading it when people need to print your articles. For the lazy or less tech-inclined of us, there is a WordPress plugin that handles everything itself.

WP-Print will create a printable version of your posts by using its own CSS file, and it will automatically launch the printable page when the user clicks on the “Print this” link that you will insert on your blog.


You can see a live of example on the Pick The Brain blog. All the articles come with a “Print this post” link, and you just need to click it to see the printable version.

I have installed this plugin on some other blogs and it gets the job done. I am still considering it for Daily Blog Tips though, since I am not sure if the readers actually want to print our articles (bloggers usually just bookmark what they need to read later). Just leave a comment if you would like to see a “Print this” link on each post here and I will integrate it.

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