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As the vibrant colors of the morning sky painted a breathtaking backdrop, I embarked on my first day as an intern at Unity Foods. With an air of anticipation and a touch of nervousness, I eagerly embraced the opportunity to contribute to Taqatwar Pakistan – a noble initiative that was transforming the lives of the underprivileged in Pakistan.

Taqatwar Pakistan, with its profound mission, aimed to address the daunting challenges of food insecurity and malnutrition in the nation. Its immediate goal was to distribute free ration boxes to disadvantaged families, empowering them to combat the relentless grip of hunger. The very essence of the project’s name, ‘Taqatwar,’ resonated with the determination to infuse strength into the weak, granting them the power to conquer life’s arduous struggles.

My journey began with the spirited kick-off meeting, where I met a team brimming with unwavering dedication and commitment to the cause. While my primary role involved research and analytics to discover efficient solutions, I also participated in the intricate logistics that were essential to the project’s success.

During my internship, a profound experience etched itself into the depths of my heart. I stumbled upon a video capturing a frail elderly woman residing in a remote village nestled in the Sindh province. Poverty clung to the air she breathed, burdening her tired body with each passing day. With hopeful yet weary eyes, she approached our team. As she received her ration box, tears cascaded down her weathered face, mingling with words of utmost gratitude. In that moment, I realized the immense significance of each ration box – it was her lifeline, a tangible reassurance of survival for the weeks to come.

Those ration boxes held more than just sustenance; they symbolized hope, survival, and a testament to humanity. Over time, the project’s impact on my life became undeniable, transforming me into a more compassionate and empathetic individual, forever changed by the stories of resilience and struggle I encountered.

The emotional toll was immense, but the sheer joy of witnessing the radiant faces of those who received the ration boxes was indescribable. Their eyes erupted with gratitude, evoking a greater sense of fulfillment than any paycheck could ever offer. Each day spent at Taqatwar Pakistan was a profound lesson in humility, empathy, and the remarkable power of collective effort.

This project extended beyond the realms of mere hunger relief; it was about empowering individuals, bestowing upon them a fighting chance in life. It epitomized perseverance against all odds, inspiring others to join hands and contribute to the cause.
Food insecurity plagues numerous regions worldwide, and in the realm of developing nations like Pakistan, its impact is particularly severe. According to the United Nations, between 2019 and 2021, an alarming 811 million people suffered persistent undernourishment globally.

Pakistan, sadly, remains deeply affected by food insecurity. The nation bears one of the highest rates of undernourishment, with approximately 25% of its population battling the harsh realities of hunger. Multiple factors contribute to this crisis, including poverty, inadequate access to education, limited availability of clean water and sanitation, and insufficient infrastructure.

Moreover, food insecurity in Pakistan has been exacerbated by natural disasters like floods and earthquakes, political instability, and the unrelenting burden of the COVID-19 pandemic. These adversities have disrupted food supply chains, driven up prices, and made it increasingly arduous for vulnerable populations to secure adequate nutrition.

Undoubtedly, the consequences of food insecurity are far-reaching, especially for children. The prevalence of malnutrition remains a pressing concern, with an estimated 36% of children under the age of five experiencing stunted growth due to chronic undernourishment. This grim reality bears long-term implications for their health, education, and economic opportunities, blighting their future prospects.

Food insecurity holds implications far beyond health; it permeates social and economic realms, fueling civil unrest, migration, and economic instability. This multifaceted crisis demands urgent attention and collective action from governments, international organizations, and civil society.

My internship at Unity Foods program – Sunridge Taqatwar Pakistan transcended being merely a professional experience to bolster my university application. It became a transformative journey of personal growth, delineating the irrefutable importance of empathy, the undeniable power of kindness, and the unparalleled satisfaction derived from giving back to the community.

Looking back, I comprehend that my role extended far beyond research and logistical support for ration box distribution. I became an integral part of a movement that resonated with hope, strength, and resilience among the underprivileged citizens of Pakistan. I became a contributor to Taqatwar Pakistan – a project that empowered an entire country, one ration box at a time.

In a world where abundance coexists with scarcity, the eradication of food insecurity necessitates a collective effort from every member of our community.


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