Siraj slams Zardari for ‘national unity govt’ forecast wajobz



Jamaat-e-Islami chief Sirajul Haq on Sunday lashed out at PPP Co-chairman Asif Ali Zardari for predicting the formation of a “national unity government” in the wake of the upcoming general elections. He questioned the PPP leader that was the previous coalition government not a national one too.

“Those who have been in power for the last 76 years have brought the country to the brink of destruction,” the JI chief told the participants of ‘Khushal (Prosperous) Pakistan Road Caravan’ in Dera Ghazi Khan – in what appeared to be an ironic situation. “The rulers took loans and usurped them. This is the reason why today the children of Pakistan are in the IMF (International Monetary Fund’s) shackles of slavery,” he claimed.

Siraj maintained that Pakistan’s decisions were made in Washington instead of Islamabad. “Even the price of electricity is determined by the IMF,” he added. The JI chief regretted that despite being an agricultural country, Pakistan was facing a shortage of wheat and sugar.

“Our green land has become barren,” he continued, blaming the country’s three major political parties for the current predicament. Siraj demanded that all institutions should remain neutral in the upcoming general elections and give the nation a chance to elect an honest leadership through genuine polls.
The JI chief said a Karbala-like situation had been raging in Palestine for 47 days.

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“[Around] 13,000 people and 3,300 children were martyred [in Palestine],” he added. Siraj pointed out that tanks and hundreds of planes belonging to Israel had simultaneously carried out single attacks at each moment.

He added that the JI had organised a million marches across the country to wake up the rulers from their slumber. The JI chief maintained that a conference of the ambassadors of Islamic countries was called, but the Pakistani rulers did not consider it appropriate to criticise Israel’s brutality because they were the US’ slaves. “Their issue is not the freedom of Palestine and Kashmir, but only remaining in power,” he claimed.

Siraj said Israel was an illegitimate and illegal state backed by Western powers – the US in particular. “We don’t recognise Israel and Palestine belongs only to Palestinians,” he added.

Earlier, JI South Punjab chief Rao Muhammad Zafar, party’s youth wing central president Russal Khan Babar, Sheikh Usman Farooq and Dr Ashraf Buzdar also spoke on the occasion.


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